Starting Pilates with Deborah was one of the best things I ever did for myself. I’m now much more aware of my body movement and her careful and considerate personalized plan for me has improved my range of motion and strength. The best thing is that my back doesn’t hurt anymore when I shovel snow!
— Scott, Boston, MA

Deborah came to the studio where I do Pilates and almost immediately was pressed into service as a sub for my regular coach. I enjoyed her style and personality so much that after my regular coach returned, I asked to have Deborah as my coach one session per week.

She is knowledgeable, compassionate (can adapt the private session to the student’s individual needs), fun, personable and creative.

I was truly sorry that she moved farther away than I could take the time to travel.
— Larry, San Francisco

I’ve been working with Deborah for 15 months and she has helped me (or rather my body) tremendously in more ways than I can put down in writing. My absolute favorite thing about Deborah is her style of instruction - patient, encouraging & completely tailored to my needs. She strives to learn more about her clients on a regular basis, and as such creates a Pilates regimen that benefits them to the maximum. My posture has changed significantly during my time with her and the way I approach each exercise thoughtfully is entirely due to the training she imparts during our sessions together. I look forward to working with Deborah for many years to come! xx
— Sobia, San Francisco

I have worked with Deborah for a year. She has always been really attentive to my need. She has help me with my flexibility, my breathing, my core and my coordination and balance . She is an excellent Pilate instructor.
— Martine, San Francisco